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Lawn Care:

Cut & Trim
The primary service we provide is our lawn cutting service. Weekly or bi-weekly service is available. Proper cutting techniques help you to have a healthy lawn. Raising the height of your mower allows grass to withstand summer drought conditions and remain healthy and green.

Utilizing a high quality fertilizer treatment will help clients achieve a healthier, better-looking lawn by feeding the grass and crowding out undesirable growth

Over-seeding a problem lawn is a chemical-free way to reduce the amount of weeds in your lawn and is an essential part of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

Aerating your lawn helps bring air to its root system, provides areas for new germinates to take root and helps your lawn to absorb moisture.

Raking service is part of our spring and fall clean-up. Removal of lawn debris can be used as compost in our clients’ gardens or removed.